The Art of Women project

Ulla Models support The Art of Women which is a solidarity movement for the empowerment of women. It unites UN Women with fashion models to give women a voice, make a difference, a commitment to human rights and respect towards women and for diversity, by promoting change through art and creating awareness for UN Women. This means a perfect fit with Ulla Models.

Throughout the world, women are the biggest victims of poverty and violence and are often denied a role in decision-making. We need to create a world where every woman feels safe to make her own decisions and use her voice to make her cause known and understood. Every woman and girl deserves the opportunity to live a life free from violence and discrimination and is worthy of the freedom to realize her own dreams. For this reason some of our Ulla Models worked closely together with Nikki to show their support for her beautiful initiative.

The Art of Women creates awareness on social media and will turn into an art gallery and eventually a book, in support of UN Women. The first exhibition will be launched Monday, March 4th with a private showing. Public showings will be held Tuesday, March 5th and Wednesday, March 6th. It will take place at Florence Loewy, an intimate venue located at 9 rue de Thorigny in the historic Le Marais district in Paris.

The Art of Women is photographed by Nikki Esser. In essence Nikki manages to capture the personality of the model in her images. Her warmth and genuine interest in people create a unique connection. Her work embraces natural and intimate beauty—honest women. It provides a perspective on a diverse representation of women, authenticity and empowerment.

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